Most people when hear about British Shorthair or Longhair imagine blue or lilac colour. They are very surprised when they have opportunity to see The British silver shaded or golden shaded as it is still considered very rare.

British silver shaded and golden shaded color is inherited from their ancestors –  Persian cats. Therefore, owners often say that their pet has angelic nature. They are gentle, sensitive  and quiet. Taking the Persians kindness and composure, silver chinchillas kept the  intelligence, which is so characteristic of British breed.

Interestingly  all silvery and golden  – are genetically black. Therefore, they  are almost white or yellow cats with black paw pads, black  nose and eye border which may look like a  tattoo.

British silvers and goldens are smaller than other solid colours like blue or chocolate and they usually have 2 to 4 kittens.
Both colours are extraordinary and you cannot be indifferent to see a cat like this.